Get Some


by Ashley Dier

Smolik looks to the shadows and secrets of society for means of personal expression. He pulls images he sees on city streets and reinvents them through his artist’s hand. Smolik’s work holds no real boundaries; he transforms his subjects by injecting religious symbolism and mixes it with urban decay and architecture. He applies layer upon layer of brushwork, paint, and spray to showcase societies “outcasts” in a mannor that engages the viewer in a raw, smooth and heavenly experience, all simultaneously. Through his use of various techniques and subjects, Smolik has created his own instantly recognizable style.

His works themselves touch on the fragility of life and the impact society holds on our future. His work depicts that life is fragile, regardless of your social class, geographic location, religion, or up-bringing. The delicate touch with which he paints his subjects is a perfect harmonic, contrast to the raw, gritty backdrop they lay upon. Smolik's work changes the way we see everyday life.

Smolik himself looks to his surroundings for inspiration. Aside from art, his passions in life are skateboarding and city landscapes, both of which provide him with the ability to see our natural landscape from a different perspective. Whether it is in the form of colours, or textures, he is constantly gaining from everything he witnesses.

Smolik briefly attended college for Fine Art and Graphic Design, but discovered he was best suited learning from experiencing art rather than reading about it in books. Despite his young age, he has numerous accomplishments, solo shows and a long roster of collaborations. Some of those collaborations include Red Bull, Salomon Snowboards, Sattelyte Wakeskates, and Five and Dime. He has shown alongside numerous artists, including Roadsworth, Nunca, Alan Wood, Adrian Hayles, and Wes Loats. Smolik has been commissioned for board and clothing designs, tattoos, and store interiors.

Smolik currently lives and paints in Toronto, Ontario with representation with the following organizations:


Painting in the Park. from Smolik on Vimeo.

Battle of the Hands from gnaardvark on Vimeo.

Paint The Park Day (2010) from Breakthrough Productions on Vimeo.